Audrey Magee - Author

Chester School of English, Madrid

Ciara Geraghty - Author

Clare Dowling - Author

Dr. Éimear O'Connor HRHA

Art Historian, Curator, Lecturer, Advisor,
Consultant and Archivist.

Emma Hannigan - Author

Enniskerry Physiotherapy Clinic

Identikit Design Consultants

Irish Neonatal Health Alliance

ITIC - Irish Tourist Industry Confederation

Joseph O'Connor - Award winning author

Martina Devlin - Author & Columnist

Sean O'Connor - Author

The Garden Hasn't Changed Much

Vincent Doherty Ltd


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Client Quotes:

"Working with SlapBangWallop (SBW) has been incredibly easy for us. We outlined what we were thinking of and they came up with a site which exactly matched what we had in mind.

Using an Irish-based company for a site in Spanish was something we were initially worried about but SBW dealt with this in its stride and delivered our site extremely quickly. I cannot recommend their work highly enough."

Will Moreton
Managing Director
Chester School of English



"Exactly what we wanted."

Kevin Doherty
Vincent Doherty Ltd.

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